Reviews & Learning Experiences 

Sandy’s knowledge, compassionate nature and sense of humor provide the elements of an excellent environment for introducing and enhancing these meditation and mindfulness techniques. We are pleased to have attended and highly recommend his classes.
— Dottie and Alan B.

My many fits and starts with meditation came to an end at the Meditation Tree.  Sandy has an uncanny ability to blend science and practice of mediation into an exciting discovery. Where else will you enjoy Power Point presentations that tie together the ancient practice of the Buddha with more grey matter in the human brain of today’s mediators? Meditation is easier said than done.  It is one thing to marvel and wax poetic on its benefits and quite another to do it.  To just sit and breathe and let go of the random slop that sloshes through the mind is a herculean feat.  After 3 months of practice, I am up to ten to fifteen minutes of peace and contemplation daily.  Look no further.  Be here now at The Mediation Tree.
— Eric B.

I have been very grateful for Sandy’s guidance as I have embarked on a journey to implement a daily meditation practice. He is informative and supportive. As someone new to meditation, Sandy offers a strong foundation and important background information.
— Hillary P.

Sandy has helped me reconnect to my meditation practice.  I wish I knew he was doing this work, when I started to learn about meditation.  He provides clear and steady guidance.
— Lynn K.

Sandy made it easy and clear to understand the benefits of mindfulness and I loved his casual and fun approach. The class was educational and easy to apply in your day to day life style. It was the perfect class for anyone who wants to learn the benefits and be able to apply it simply to your life. I would highly recommend to anyone.
— S.W.

Sandy has a lovely way about him....calm and reassuring.... and is great at explaining the steps to mindful meditation, as well as guiding us in its’ practice.
— Tansy A.

If you’re starting your journey down meditation road this is a perfect place to begin. Sandy is an excellent guide to help you better understand meditation as a whole. Perfect for people who are just starting to meditate or want to just reconnect again. Highly recommend.
— Samantha A.

As I started my journey into meditation and consciousness, I’m very glad I stumbled upon Sandy’s class. It was more than I expected the knowledge and practice he provided guided me down the right path. It’s a great way to learn what mindful meditation is, why it’s beneficial, and also how it relates specifically to your life. I would recommend to at least try one of his introductory courses so you can see for yourself.
— Erika A.

I have meditated for several decades and have used various meditation techniques; however, I have never been taught the basics and benefits of Vipassana so I really got a lot of the free intro class at The Meditation Tree. Thank you to Sandy for his generous offering of time, knowledge, wisdom & spirit and encouragement through ongoing meditation classes at The Meditation Tree. We need more peace in our minds and in this world, so most definitely, a regular meditation practice is a way to get there!
— Marie G.

It was extremely helpful in continuing the path of mindfulness that I have made a commitment to a bit prior to the start of the class. It helped deepen the wisdom and awareness around thoughts and the ability to act rather than react and not allow thoughts to dictate my experience. I think it’s valuable to anyone at any stage of his or her mindfulness practice.
— Anonymous Evaluation

I notice that I am much more patient and present during interactions I would recommend this program to everyone. I know the aspects of the program that were most valuable to me were lessons on relationships and mindful eating, I found all aspects valuable and all were important in the broader sense of mindfulness.
— Anonymous Evaluation

I learned to have more compassion by not judging myself or others. Sandy has a good grasp of the material and presents it well. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their life, their reaction to life and the life of others.
— Anonymous Evaluation

Sandy’s class gave me a greater awareness of others and my attitude towards them. I learned to not react to situations and just let my thoughts be and that I don’t have to believe my thoughts.
— Anonymous Evaluation

I learned to see my thoughts less as truths and more as passing ideas, The handouts were a very valuable aspect of the class and reinforced the class material I learned that the reality of “thoughts are thoughts” and are only as personal as I let them be.
— Anonymous Evaluation

After taking this class I am more conscious of my responses and reactions to stress and I take more time to let negative thoughts go. I would recommend this program to my colleagues and I would recommend the practice of mindfulness meditation to my friends and family I learned to incorporate mindfulness meditation into my morning and evening routine.
— Anonymous Evaluation

I find myself to be much more aware of how I am reacting to situations and taking a moment to make a conscious decision on how best to respond. I would endorse this class without hesitation. There were no aspects of the program that had no value.
— Anonymous Evaluation

I am ever grateful for your class this summer.  In these crazy times and at a transitional point in my own life, your teachings have helped center me and have fostered hope.  Thank you so much!

Michelle S.