The Other "Big C"

The “Big C” is used most often as a euphemism for cancer. But there is another “big C” I wish to explore. It’s called “CHANGE”.   Specifically I am referring to change of self…a change of self that begins with embracing our fears, anxieties, doubts and other aversions that may prevent us from achieving personal fulfillment and the ability to experience the present joys of life as we move forward on our path.

We have heard about the “law of impermanence” or the phrase “nothing remains constant except change itselffrom philosophers, spiritual leaders and teachers from time immemorial. How one adapts to change relies on one’s ability to be aware of their reactions to their thoughts

We have collected a lifetime of thoughts and experiences that have so melded into our belief system that the challenge to make beneficial changes for our well-being at times may seem insurmountable. Neuro-scientific and psychological research supports the theory that our brains are hard-wired for negativity (negativity bias) and that 80-90% of our daily thoughts are negative while we repeat over 80% of those thoughts on a daily basis-both consciously as well as unconsciously. (research available online). A scientific truth called neuroplasticity is evidence that you can restructure your brain to lose the negative clusters of neurons that control your habitual negative thought patterns.

The plethora of material available to help us meet the challenges of change or our “stuck mode" including self-help books, cd’s, and online courses, etc., may provide us with worthy advice and inspiration; however, unless we learn how to change our reactions to our thoughts and thereby rewire the brain to change our thought patterns, our negative thoughts and behaviors will continue on a  “spin cycle”. 

Through personal experience, proven scientific research available online, published articles and books, and the millions of practitioners who have established a daily practice of mindfulness and/or meditation, the evidence is clear that these practices can be a catalyst in changing your life for the better. True and lasting change begins internally.

“Every thought we think and every word we speak is creating our future. If you change your thinking, you can change your life.”-Louise Hay