Embedded in our heart and mind is the will to survive. Life is full of trials and tribulations of all sizes. Sometime we are personally affected and sometimes we are observers. But they always test our resolve to see the light after the darkest of storms and to help those in the midst of their own storm see that light as well.  Now is one of those times….

I have friends and relatives in Florida as I am sure many of you have. But in truth, even if we know no one in the Southeast, the boundaries of our empathy to all those in the path of Irma need to be infinite.

Climate change or not, the Hurricanes and Earthquakes of these times require us to gather our thoughts of well-being and to focus all the prayers and healing thoughts we can muster and send them to those who have suffered the ravages of Mother Nature….and to those who are presently suffering the emotional traumas of fear, anxiety, loss and stress on this day and the days ahead.

Take a moment….sit quietly, gather your thoughts, transform them into vibrations….and send them to all those in need of your support and love, to all those who are caught up in the winds and eruptions of Mother Nature.

The weather may bring out the worst in Mother nature…..but it will also bring out the courage and fortitude in man….and the kindness and caring  in our fellow man.

A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves -Marcel Proust