May I Ask a Favor?

Grant yourself a FAVOR! I am losing track of the number of people who tell me they are having difficulty with sleep, who have expressed worry and fear about what is happening politically and socially in the U.S. and around the world…although especially here.

I am not advocating we totally dismiss our concerns.  I am merely suggesting to you, my friends, to take some time off…from the negative thoughts you encounter fraught with fear, anxiety, despair, and the ugliness that currently prevails in our lives. Strife leads to stress and stress can only lead to a shorter lifespan.

Take a day off to focus on….and appreciate the beauty and goodness in your life.  If not a day…then a few hours, even 15 minutes every day (maybe just before going to bed). Appreciate your partner, your children, your grandchildren, your pet, the roof over your head, the beauty nature provides us, your ability to simply breathe….to laugh!  Find a focus that doesn’t that doesn’t put you at “dis”-ease. 

Let us be thankful for what we have. Make an effort now and then to post something positive, non-political, non-“breaking news” worthy, enlightening rather than disturbing, a positive sign that life, despite all of it imperfections, can still radiate the uplifting human spirit and the profound healthy element of kindness. Do something nice for someone.

Do this for yourself…for your own peace of mind, for your own inner joy.  Find time to find a calming diversion for the sake of your personal mental and physical well-being….to focus away from the shadows and towards the light.  Take a break from the turmoil of the word. (which, by the way, has been cyclical for hundreds of lifetimes) Better the news media suffers 24 hours a day…than you and me. Grant yourself a favor!

Remember to take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup!