The Solar Eclipse, Grief & Hope (A Metaphoric Perspective)

The fleeting, impermanent shadows and darkness created by the upcoming solar eclipse can metaphorically represent the darkness and shadows we experience with certain events in our lives such as the death of a loved one, or the end of a personal relationship.  I don’t wish to trivialize other events such as political turmoil, civil unrest, financial plight or even our ingrained negative thoughts, etc. that may also cast shadows upon our joy and happiness; however, for now, I focus on grief. (perhaps because of the recent death of a close friend,  perhaps because many whom I know have recently experienced the death of family or friends,  not to mention the recent deaths of creative talents and entertainers who were so much a part of my younger years …and perhaps I am prompted somewhat by the violent events in Virginia and the world over)

The pain and sadness, the despair, indifference, hopelessness, anger, anxiety and all other stirred-up emotions cast an “eclipsical” shadow over our lives drawing us into a darkness that at the time may seem permanent.  But again, like the eclipse…and as in life, it is impermanence that is manifested…. and eventually we return to the light.

Of course, grief is different for everyone and the remnants of the process might well last a lifetime, (or in D.C-four years) but like the shadow created by the eclipse, the grief and turmoil in our lives gradually moves …degree by degree…. and  light gradually returns.  The reappearance of light begins to reflect the love in your heart for that person. The light as it returns shines upon the joyful and happy memories you shared with that person. The light casts aside the shadow that covered the sometimes forgotten knowledge or positive influence you gained from having that person in your life.

With the solar eclipse the phenomenon of a corona is created. Surrounding that circle of darkness is a 360 degree rim (referred to as a diamond ring effect) of the sun’s bright light. Perhaps it is an edge of light we can equate to “hope”? And just maybe we can appreciate in life that hope always remains at the edge of our darkness?  We just need to be aware that at the edge of that darkness, light is always there.

So… as the eclipse approaches or as you watch the wondrous spectacle of the upcoming solar eclipse, allow yourselves to become aware of the impermanence of the shadows and darkness in your own lives, knowing and trusting that in time, those moments shall pass…and that the light synonymous with joy and happiness shall eventually return.  Impermanence (CHANGE) is a constant….and it, too, can also be a wondrous spectacle….in life …and in politics J.

All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul.  Victor Hugo