A Myth Communication about Mindfulness

Say “Myth-communication” really fast 10 times…..or not!  In an effort to dispel the “woo-woo” element that sometimes is associated with such a practice, I just wanted to assure those who may be a bit dubious about such an endeavor that Mindfulness or Meditation is no more dangerous than lying on a beach, soaking in a bathtub or sitting in the grass watching the clouds roll by.

The act of reading a book requires discipline and focus. Playing an instrument, hiking, running, biking, etc. all of which also require discipline and focus, eventually and hopefully will bring a sense of joy and fulfillment to your life…a realization that sometimes occurs during and sometimes occurs after the completion of the activity… or until you think you have brought an achievement of proficiency to the respective exercise.  And so it goes with the practice of Meditation.

From here on, I will use the terms Mindfulness and Meditation interchangeably. They are simply labels describing an activity that produces similar results.  Arriving at a destination on a plane, bus or train may be different modes of transportation…..but they all finally gets you to where you are going.

Meditation is about the art of concentration or focus as a means of creating a heightened sense of awareness of your thoughts and your reactions to your thoughts. Instead of focusing on the keys of a piano or the strings on a guitar, one focuses on a different tool or object…such as your breathing, a mantra or a heartbeat, etc.

The symphony you create with Mindfulness plays out in your mind to a tune evoking calmness, relaxation, insight, environmental accord, a balance of mind and body, and an emotional sense of well-being. You will achieve personal insight, freedom from stress, anxiety, worry and doubt. Over time and with an extended daily practice, you may begin to feel better physically, lower your blood pressure and heart rate, renew your energy levels, sleep better…and the list goes on. These are simply not claims nor “fake news”. These are findings based on scientific and medical studies. You will find them posted in research findings available online and published in book after book.

So…before you “conjure up” all your apprehensions or a “not for me”  attitude…..try it, Mikey!  You might like it!